Hoban and Associates was established in 1984 to provide education and support for infants and young children with special needs and their parents.  Services are provided for children who are at risk for autism or who are on the autistic spectrum, children who are experiencing developmental delays in the areas of cognition, language and play skills, as well as young children who are experiencing behavioral difficulties.


 Hoban and Associates believes that the most important learning of a very young child occurs through a child’s own curiosity and exploration.  To be a strong independent learner, a child must be purposeful, have an adequate attention span, know when to ignore distractions and when to initiate involvement with people and objects.  A child needs to imitate others and find pleasure in interacting with adults and peers.  Social interactions are an essential foundation in the learning process.  Understanding, participating, and developing interactive play helps children form and sustain lasting relationships with others.


Individually developed and implemented therapeutic techniques, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), are designed to help facilitate growth in the following areas of early childhood development: cognition, language/communications skills, play skills, peer play, problem solving, and executive function skills.


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